Buffalo Round Up Shrug by Judy M. Ellis, Handiworks Ltd LLC

Buffalo Round Up Shrug

Glamorous on all body types. The construction of this garment is started with the crochet rings and worked inwards, ending with the knit welts and back. My test person commented on how complicated it looked, but was surprised how quick and easy this pattern really is. Apr 21, 2013: I have updated this to include two sizes. Nov 16, 2013: For anyone who purchased this pattern from Buffalo Wool Co prior to 11/16/13 On the Joining Motif: The following line should be added right after the Do Not fasten off. Sl st into ch 3 sp, ch 1, 2 sc in sp, sc in each of the next 2 sps, 2 sc in next 2 sps, sc in each of the next 2 sps, rep from around, ending with 2 sc in last sp, sl to top of 1st sc. For more information, see: http://thebuffalowoolco.com/buffalo-round-up-shrug-pdf/ Please go to the Buffalo Wool Co site and re-download for the corrections Sorry for any inconvenience.

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